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  1. PTball is played on a hard court that is 20' wide and 44' long (same size as a badminton or pickleball court).


  2. The court is “lined” with 2 “service boxes” and a “no-volley” zone on each side.  See court diagram.

  3. Net height is 36" at the end posts and 34" in the center.  All dimensions are the same for both singles and doubles.

  4. Low-compression tennis balls and 21" tennis rackets are used. This equipment is readily available at most sporting goods and large box stores.  Note: the "standard' racket length is 21" (23" rackets can be used if permitted by group or league). 

  5. The rules are the same as in tennis except on the serve. Overhead serves are not allowed. Players serve either side-handed or under-handed.

  6. A coin or racket flip determines which player or team serves first. Serving then alternates.

  7. As in tennis, the server (standing behind the back baseline) puts the ball in play by hitting it over the net and into the service box diagonal to where the server is standing. On the serve, the ball must be at or below the server's shoulder. The player receiving the ball then hits it back and play continues until the point is won. Note: both the serve and return of serve must be allowed to bounce before being hit. Two service faults result in a lost point. "Let serves" are replayed. Only the serve needs to land in the service box. All other shots are good if they land inside or on the court lines (any part of the line is good).

  8. Volleys and overhead shots are allowed as long as the player hitting the volley is not standing in the no-volley zone or on the zone line. Note: in doubles, both players at the net is the "strongest position".

  9. Players keep score the same as in tennis (15, 30, 40, game) except any winning point after 40 wins the game (there is no add). For example, 15-0, 15-15, 30-15, 40-15, game. First player (or team) to win 6 games wins the set (if tied 6-6 next game wins set). The number of sets to complete a match is determined by the players (or governing body for tournament play).