PTball stands for "progressive tennis".  PTball combines elements of tennis and other racket sports into a new, innovative and exciting game!  This website is dedicated to the promotion and enjoyment of PTball for everyone.  If you like racket sports you’ll love the fun, strategy and challenge of PTball. Get in the game!


The basics:  PTball is played on a pickleball court using low-compression (50%) tennis balls and 21" or 23" tennis rackets.  PTball can be played recreationally or competitively and as singles or doubles.  And PTball is suitable for all ages.  Because PTball is fast paced you’ll get a great workout in a short time.  And with less stress on your joints!  Rackets and balls are available at most sporting goods and big box stores (you'll find low-compression balls next to the 21" or 23" rackets).